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Speech and Debate Videos

Last weekend, we had a great time at our second speech and debate tournament of the season, Jack Howe Invitational. We competed in Public Forum debate (50ish minute debate on the topic of UNCLOS and international law) and Impromptu speaking (two minutes to prepare a five minute speech). This national circuit tournament was very large, with 145 public forum teams and 74 kids in impromptu. Some highlights included practicing our spontaneous thinking and speaking skills, meeting new forensics friends, traversing the enormous but beautiful campus, and of course, devouring some good old Panda Express, This tournament invigorated and inspired us to continue researching and developing our case.

Take a look at our second debate vlog, which went great! Emily and Annaclare went 3-1 and absolutely crushed it among many very strong teams. Then, they celebrated by burning all their case files (although Emily did it in a much more humane manner). Don't forget to drop a like and smash that subscribe button!

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