We Impact 

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We Impact aims to help the community to build a better future by inspiring young kids and teenagers to increase their impact from the following three perspectives: STEM, Humanities, and Art Impact.

How do We Impact?

STEM Impact: STEM is the common abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We Impact organizes workshops, meetings, and camps to expose kids and teenagers to STEM. LEGO robotics workshops, science fair mentoring, math club events, and more are offered through We Impact. 

Humanity Impact: We Impact hosts a writer's forum and debate forum. It creates a community of writers and friends where they publish their ideas, exchange thoughts. We Impact members organize and provide free writing workshop to community young kids and teach writing classes at local libraries. 

Art Impact: Arts influence society and shape the world. We Impact members and volunteers do painting, sculpture, music and the other arts. We Impact exhibits great artwork and encourages young artists in the community.